Silvaco comes to SEMICON!

Silvaco is excited to showcase our products and technologies at SEMICON West in San Francisco.

Silvaco will present TCAD solutions used by fabs and equipment vendors for a wide range of emerging technologies and advanced device applications:

  • Displays – TFT, LCD, OLED
  • Power Devices – DMOS, IGBT, SiC, GaN
  • Memories and Storage – STT MRAM, 3DNAND, HD Bit Pattern Media
  • Optical Devices – CCD, CIS, Laser
  • Reliability – SEE, Total Dose, NBTI, HCI
  • Advanced CMOS Process Development – FinFET, FDSOI
  • MEMS, 3D IC and more…


Moscone Center, San Francisco
July 14-16, 2015
Booth #2790, South Hall

Our experts will be on hand to discuss innovations in the following key focus areas:
  • Low and High Energy Ion Implantation in Silicon and Silicon Carbides
  • Ion Beam Precision Materials Modification – amorphization, stress engineering using C and Ge implants, mask-less selective etching in implanted areas
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) and laser annealing for advanced CMOS processes
  • Ion Beam Etching (IBE) of pillar structures for STT MRAM and magnetic heads for High-Density Bit Pattern Media. Precise characterization and control of pattern shapes and secondary material redeposition effects.
  • RIE and IECE of very deep trenches for 3D NAND and other applications
  • Anisotropic KOH etching for MEMS applications
  • Stress simulation to determine Keep-Out-Zone (KOZ) in Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology
  • 3D TCAD products used for large application space, including rapid FinFET prototyping, large structure parallelized simulations for multi-cell IGBTs, robust, stable oxidation simulation for trench MOS power devices and CMOS image sensors, stress engineering, SEE and total dose reliability simulation
  • Virtual Wafer Fab (VWF) software suite for individual and full-flow process calibration and optimization using DOE and multiple automated simulations